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Über mich

I am a master's student of Wind Engineering in my final year. I have decided to take the semester off, to enable me gather my thoughts, explore other fields whilst also doing research for my master's thesis.

I am basically open to any kind of experience as long as it involves mental stimulation and would allow me flexible work hours.

I play well in teams, have a good sense of humour and I try to get along with everyone in a socia manner.

Meine Fähigkeiten

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  • Design & Kreatives:
    • Logodesign
    • Produktdesign
    • Text & Übersetzung:
      • Blogartikel
      • Kreatives schreiben
      • Transkription
      • Marketing:
        • Email Marketing
        • Marketingstrategie
        • Umfragen
        • Content Marketing
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